Home Gadgets Intel Unveils Vaunt Smart Glasses That Fits Your Life

Intel Unveils Vaunt Smart Glasses That Fits Your Life

Intel Unveils Vaunt Smart Glasses That Fits Your Life

Several tech companies like Google have tried to come up with smart glasses but failed. Snap spectacles and Google glasses never made it to the end. But Intel is not stopping at anything until it brings the Vaunt smart glasses into existence.

Fitted with regular plastic frames, Vaunt glasses weigh 50 grams at most. The glasses don’t come with any camera or LCD screens. However, they are more like regular head-worn glasses. Instead, when you have the glasses on, your third and innermost eye layer, the retina, receives a flow of information in the form of monochromes.

A low-power laser fitted on the glasses’ stem projects red monochrome pictures through your retina at 400 X 150 pixels. The glasses also detect your current locations, for example, if you are in the kitchen, the information you will get then will be a recipe.

The Vaunt smart glasses come with class one level lasers for light discharge, a Bluetooth receiver, an accelerometer for proper body acceleration measurements and a processor.

The first smart glasses from Intel will not have any motion gestures or microphone for voice commands. But rumor has it that future models might come fully equipped and can even enable the users to access smart assistants just like the Alexa devices.

How Does Intel Plan To Get Vaunt On The market?

It is not clear yet how the company plans to sell or get the products on the market. But the best line of attack Intel sees is to sell via OEM route. Also, the company says that developers will have early access to the products through the software development kit (SDK) platform.

Unlike Google’s smart glasses that convinced people to change their lives and fit in the gadget, Intel aims at having Vaunt fit people’s lives. The company plans to launch the glasses late this year.