Home Social Media 85,000 People Petition Snapchat To Remove The New Updates

85,000 People Petition Snapchat To Remove The New Updates

85,000 People Petition Snapchat To Remove The New Updates

This week, Snapchat rolled out a new version, but the response from the users is more negative than expected. Users have termed the latest version as horrible and messy.

So far, about 85,700 Snapchat users have signed a petition asking the image messaging and multimedia app to restore the old version. Nic Ramsey started ‘Remove the new Snapchat update’ title petition is going round on change.org.

However, Snapchat’s spokesperson prepared the users for the new updates saying that the upgrade is vast and can take users more time to get used to, but once they settle in, they will enjoy.

With the new version, you can no longer view stories in the order they appeared before; instead, the stories appear based on the friends you interact with most and also the most recent ones. For you to re-watch a post, you have to go back to the friend’s profile to access it because the option is no longer there.

Also, swiping to the left of the screen exposes the friends’ page that also contains a direct message tab and a group chats tab, all on the same page. On the other hand, swiping to the right displays the publishers’ reports together with your friends’ list. Unlike before, you now have to tap on the Snapchat logo to access the camera and your stories as well as deleting some.

How To Restore The Old Version Of Snapchat For iOS users.

For the iOS users who don’t want to delete the app permanently but are struggling to use the upgraded version, the good news is you can downgrade the app. You can simply delete it from the phone and then connect that phone to your pc. After that, open the iTunes and click application tab. In the iTunes sidebar, you will find the Snapchat app, install and then sync your device. This way, you will restore the old version saved in iTunes.