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Gmail Go, The Latest Version Of Google Joining The Go Family

Gmail Go, The Latest Version Of Google Joining The Go Family

On Thursday 15th February, Google introduced a new member of the Go family, Gmail Go, a faster and lighter app for Android mobile phones. The new version targets lower-end processor smartphones with necessary specifications. Also, the app aims users with poor network connectivity or high cellular data costs.

The Gmail Go version is for the latest Android version devices, Android 8.1 Oreo smartphones. The version uses less space of the mobile phone and consumes little mobile data. This means that some features like auto image loading will not be available.

Ordinary Gmail app has 20.66 megabytes on download and consumes up to 47 megabytes of the device’s storage. Whereas, Gmail Go version has 9.51 megabytes and consumes approximately 25 megabytes of the device’s space. The new version also offers free 15GB of cloud storage.

Other Features Of Gmail Go Version

The new Go version has a smarter box element that arranges all your emails in order by first giving priority to family and friends emails. It sorts promotional and social emails in a separate tab as well. Also, the app supports numerous accounts and has the ability to block spam messages.

Google has declined to comment on the official announcement of Gmail Go version, but a few users claim to have spotted the app on the Google play store. Those who have had a chance to experiment how the new version works say scrolling through the app is somehow rough as compared to the regular Gmail version.

Unlike YouTube Go that offers features like video sharing and download for offline view, the differences between the ordinary Gmail app the Gmail Go are very minimal. Gmail Go version is majorly designed to favor the size and data of the device.

at users with smartphones that have low storage capacity and cannot have access to fast internet connection. Android Go device owners can download Gmail Go app on Google play store.