Home Social Media “The New Snapchat Re-design Is Here To Stay,” Snapchat CEO Says

“The New Snapchat Re-design Is Here To Stay,” Snapchat CEO Says

“The New Snapchat Re-design Is Here To Stay,” Snapchat CEO Says

A few days ago, Snapchat rolled out updates that saw thousands of its users signing a petition asking the company to restore the old version. Today, Evan Spiegel, the company’s Chief Executive Officer said that the app’s re-design is here to stay and people should get used to the updates.

Spiegel said that the only hardest thing people are experiencing is the time it takes one to learn. “You should not expect people to use the product to converse with friends to learn how to provide that feed better.” He added.

Initially, the image messaging media allowed a mix-up sharing of celebrity content and friends’ content just like Facebook does. But now the company has separated the friends’ content from celebrity content. These changes brought about an uproar to all the app’s users including new users. User complained that they cannot see some of their celebrity friends.

Spiegel seemed solid and convinced while on the stage, but rumors say that he can change his mind later. This is because Snapchat is facing high competition from platforms like Instagram. A few days ago, the company had to change a few settings to continue engaging its users.

Spiegel said that Snapchat focuses majorly on the app’s growth and making sure that all new users understand how the app works with much struggle.

The CEO insisted that Snap is a camera company. He as well pointing out that the idea of using the camera has changed with time. Also, the company developed product portfolios for Snapchat; the products include content and Snap maps functioning. He gave an example of the content related to Olympics that took place at the conference. He says that over 30 million people viewed the content. But some say that this is just a language to convince users to stay.

The primary reason that led to the redesigning of the Snapchat app was to simplify its use and attract an enormous number of users.