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VSP Launches Level Smart Glasses

VSP Launches Level Smart Glasses

Some people find it hard to use wrist wearable gadgets when exercising or walking. Now, VSP vision, a health insurance company has launched Level, the newest smart glasses that will keep track of your movement.

The level smart glass connects to both iOS and Android smartphone via Bluetooth and takes a record of the steps you make daily. They also keep count of the distance you have traveled, the calories you have burned and the number of activities you engaged in during the day. Additionally, the glasses checks and compares your progress against that of your peers.

Features Of Level Smart Glasses

The level frames come with an accelerometer used to measure the user’s speeding up forces, a gyroscope for orientation and angular speed measurements and a magnetometer.

Also, the frame has and a built-in Bluetooth connector and a rechargeable battery. On a single charge, the frame can last up to five days. It uses a magnetic connector to charge.

Level smart glass users are required to reach a certain number of steps daily. Whoever hits the goal earns some points that translate to care for people. For example, 50 points earned by one user can get the eyewear and an eye examination for somebody who is in need but cannot afford it.

However, for users to qualify for a donation from VSP, both the young and the elderly have to join a specific group of the company.

Currently, VSP is carrying out an evaluation feedback from the few users who are using them. The frames come in three different designs and four different colors. The colors include black, slate, tortoise and grey tortoise.

The level smart glasses will sell at $270, but this is without the lenses. The company plans to sell a specific number of the eye wears to several markets in the United States.