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Why Rebooting Is Jack Of All Treads?

Why Rebooting Is Jack Of All Treads?

Let’s face it. We have all been there. Pleasantly browsing the internet on your smartphone and it gets stuck. Playing your favourite game and suddenly your PC freezes. Or maybe the keyboard on a smartphone just isn’t picking up the keystrokes. What will you do? Throughout the years we have come to know and love a simple solution that amazingly fixes so many issues. So why a simple reboot fixes so many issues?

The ultimate reboot

It all comes down to the fact that most computer freezes happen because of some kind of mishap which the computer can’t handle on its own. Also, if the issue is minor then sometimes your computer may be able to work around the situation. But most of the time it can’t. So Therefore a rebooting force your computer to start from square one. Therefore rebooting your system eliminates so many problems.

Sometimes bad programme or application codes can trigger certain malfunctions in your computer. Like the more common blue screen problem where your computer gets stuck looking for a certain piece of data in memory which isn’t actually there.

This kind of problems can be fixed very easily by restarting your system. It forces the computer to reload the windows code. As a result, it reloads the code and more often than not it fixes the problem.

Even if your computer is not stuck hopelessly like the windows example, sometimes other applications can get stuck in infinite loops. Thus hogging up the computer resources and making the system ridiculously slow. A reboot will break the cycle and will also enable you to uninstall the malfunctioning programme.


Our computers are smart enough to fix some issues on its own. Though eventually one day it gets stuck and a gentle tap on the reboot button can easily or one can say magically fixes the issue. Giving you the crown of it expert of your family. So, just keep rebooting.

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